The Pope: «Family is only between man and woman». But he has already said it many times!

Now they will have no more alibis. Or maybe yes? How will the critics of Pope Francis, who accuse him of speaking only about migrants and of not dealing with other issues important to Christians, and the false adulators, who use his name to justify conducts contrary to his thought, react to the words he said yesterday? «Today we speak of different types of family» – said Francis – «but the human family as the image of God, man and woman is one alone. It is one alone».

For those who follow the speeches of the Holy Father, there is nothing new: he obviously repeated these same things many times (see the images below). The real novelty is that this time all the main newspapers have recalled, since the title, his words:  The Irish Times ,  Advocate ,  CNBnews ,  The Wall Street Journal ecc.

Meeting the Forum of Family Associations, the Pontiff reflected on the image of the family, by observing that today «the word ‘family’ is an analogical term, because it refers to the ‘family’ of stars, to ‘families’ of trees, to ‘families’ of animals … it is an analogical term». But «the human family as the image of God, man and woman, is one alone. It is one alone. It may be that a man and a woman are not believers: but if they love each other and become joined in marriage, they are the image and likeness of God, even though they do not believe.» Therefore, no, not even for Pope Francis (just as for the Italian Constitution and Civil Code) do the self-styled “Rainbow families” exist, according to the famous and impeccable statement of Minister of Family, Lorenzo Fontana.

In another passage, Pope Francis dwelled on the abortion of disabled children: «I have heard that it is in fashion — or at least customary — in the first months of pregnancy to have certain exams, to see whether the baby is not well, or has some problems…. The first proposal in that case is: “Shall we do away with it?”. The murder of children. And to have a nice life, they do away with an innocent. When I was a boy» – added Pope Francis – «the teacher was teaching us history and told us what the Spartans did when a baby was born with deformities: they carried it up the mountain and cast it down, to maintain “the purity of the race”. It was an atrocity. Today we do the same thing.» Rarely do you see disabled people on the street, because the protocol of many doctors is to ask the question: “Will it have problems?”. In the last century the entire world was scandalized over what the Nazis were doing to maintain the purity of the race. Today we do the same thing, but with white gloves».

An incisive double statement (family, abortion), which – this time – soon spread worldwide. However, polemicists and false adulators are already reacting, maintaining that this is the first time Pope Francis addresses such topics, that he “finally awoke”, that “now he is our Pope” (is the Catholic faith limited to the “no” to gay marriages??), that it has been exception, etc. But in our specific dossier we collected all his speeches, including those on abortion and family, showing that such affirmations are constant in his pontificate.

Here below are some examples of how there is nothing new in the words of Francis.


19/06/2018 UPDATE
The director of a Italian newspaper Il Foglio, Claudio Cerasa, has recently ironised on the stupor of the progressist world: «The Pope acted as the Pope and said what he had already said on many other occasions, often in the amplifying silence of the media, so ready instead to point out every gesture or word that may seem explosive, pop, new compared to the so-called “backwardness of the Church”».

The editorial staff

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  1. Schanen Marie-AndréeM wrote

    Grazie a Dio che il Papa protegge la familia progettata da Dio e sia contro l’aborto di vite innocenti !!

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