Faith and Bioethics

In this section of the website, we dedicate space to the philosophical, theological, and scientific motivations that support the position of the Church on bioethical issues.

This is a delicate and “divisive” field even within the Catholic world, often giving rise to ideologically fideistic or prejudicially anti-fideistic positions. However, the traditional Catholic view is based on natural law, whose arguments are understandable through the use of reason alone. This explains why many people share this view, even if they are distant from the Christian experience.

On the one hand, we find the contemporary individual who desires “everything” and demands to transform every desire into a right, driven by strong ethical relativism. On the other hand, there is a position of prudence that is committed to maintaining a high moral vision of humanity in society, safeguarding the dignity of life and respecting the integrity of humanity. This implies rejecting the assumption that every outcome achieved by scientific research should be legitimately applicable to society.

In the following dossiers, constantly updated, we present the reasons behind the Catholic position on various topics, supported by scientific studies, philosophical reflections, and theological insights.


Our dossiers:


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