In this part of website we collect many dossier on which support the Church’s point of view about bioethics issuses and so-called non-negotiable principles.

This is a delicate area which often leads to heated and ideological debate, however would be enough just use of reasons -without support of faith- for defended the natural justice. On the side there’s the contemporany and relativistic man, who want everything and demands transformation to every desire in right. In other side there’s Church, who calls caution and it would that to stay in the society a sanctify of life conception and respect for human life. As said Pope Francis: «That is why concern for human life in its totality has become in recent years a real priority for the Church’s Magisterium, especially for the most defenseless; the disabled, the sick, the newborn, children, the elderly, those whose livese are most defenseless» (Address to participants in the meeting organized by the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, 20 September 2013).

Scientist mentality demands that any results achieved by scientific research must be immediately implement in the society. Instead, as pointed out Carter Snead, law professor at University of Notre Dame and researcher at Ethics and Public Policy Center: «There’s a immeasurable discrepancy among humanistic axioms and science. The modern science, for its nature, has nothing to say about human concepts, like liberty, justice, equality and dignity, that are underpine the our human essence. We don’t found this words in the scientific lexicon, we can’t undestand them from scientific point of view. The science don’t know that concepts and it not even interested to they elaboration and exhibition. So, the modern science is not an appropriate instrument in the bioethics field, othervise we have a unsatisfactory or mostrous results»

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