“As a homosexual I apologize to Guido Barilla”

Guido Barilla 
by Eliseo Del Deserto

From the blog of Blog di Eliseo Del Deserto, 28/09/13


Dear Mr. Guido Barilla,

I’m writing because it is me who wishes to ask your forgiveness! I’m a homosexual guy and I followed the debate that sparkled by your statement. I was bothered by the multiplying brouhaha, by the pointless battles: “shall we boycott or not“, by the insipid list of the other pasta brands, by the fact that your picture was insulted and acclaimed.

I’ve been living away from home for 4 years now and I can’t eat any other pasta brands, even if I would spare money, because the only one that reminds me of my family is the Barilla. Maybe it’s because of advertising, maybe just because it’s the only pasta brand that my mother ever cooked for me. I’m homosexual and I believe in the traditional family, too; and I don’t think that other kind of unions could ever be defined as “evolution of family“.

When we are still little or young and we realize that we are homosexuals, we find it out for ourselves: we are different. At the beginning, many people (no generalization here) consider this diversity as a handicap. After a first despair we seek a balance, a reason, happiness. Each and every one of us has his/her own diversity to manage, that’s the truth.

It is right to understand the traits of our diversity, to accept its limits. For example, two men will never generate a child. Two women will never be a family, as it is considered in its traditional meaning. I’m not saying that homosexual unions should be outlawed or banished, and I’m sure that in a homosexual couple there can be a kind of warmth which is close to family intimacy. However, the majority of us come from a traditional family. We are all sons and daughters! We know how much we need a father, a father who is a real man, and a mother, a mother who thoroughly is a woman! I know this, every time that I deeply wish for a strong man to be next to me.

Please forgive us Mr. Barilla! For the humiliating words that you had to suffer, you and your firm, because of us, the homosexuals. Even if some people will disagree with me. I apologize to you, and I do it as one of them, despite everything else. Please forgive all the insults, the pressures, the boycotts, all the fruitless words of that bunch of roaring souls who just go around looking for someone to devour. Those people who had you apologize for words which weren’t offensive at all, they have so much to learn about family.

The violent, persecutory, intimidating attitude of these people, therefore a bully attitude, together with the many utterances of gay pride that have been growing with the passing of time, they make me feel everything but the pride of being homosexual. Again, please forgive us!

Eliseo Del Deserto

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