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  • A.R. Wallace discovered biological evolution: «It is guided by a Mind»

    6 December 2018
    The book Nature’s Prophet (University Alabama Press 2018), dedicated to Alfred Russel Wallace, was published some days ago. The author, Michael A. Flannery, science historian at the University of Alabama di Birmingham has held that Wallace’s formulation of biological evolution was totally incompatible with Darwin’s. Indeed, his theory developed in a theological context. A theistic evolution, we may say.

    Flannery,...

    Going to Mass also benefits mental health: a new study

    23 November 2018
    «The new data suggests a person’s religious involvement benefits their mental health by promoting social engagement providing psychological resources (hope, optimism, sense of meaning) and promoting healthier lifestyles». A new study, published on Sleep Health: Journal of National Sleep Foundation, refers it.

    Another time, Blaise Pascal won his wager. The mathematician, indeed, dared to make a provoking... Read more...

    Msgr. Viganò condemned: he stole from his disabled brother while he scolded the Pope

    15 November 2018
    Judgment against Msgr. Viganò. The Tribunal of Milan condemned Washington’s former Apostolic Nuncio to pay a maxi-compensation to his disabled brother, Fr. Lorenzo. The dark scolder of Pope Francis had just written that “The Lord will render to every one of us according to our actions”.


    “Dark”. So we had defined the biography of Carlo Maria Viganò, Washington’s former... Read more...

    Shroud of Turin and “false bloodstains”: Dr. Di Lazzaro debunks the study

    13 November 2018
    We come back, albeit briefly, on the recent study of the Shroud of Turin, concerning the pathway followed by the blood. The authors, Luigi Garlaschelli and Matteo Borrini, poured some blood on a mannequin and on the body of Garlashcelli himself, thereby comparing the blood’s pathways observable on the famous linen cloth and concluding their incompatibility. But the mistake is macroscopic, as we have written.

    ...

    The “forced Christianisation” of the Americas? Some historical clarifications.

    3 November 2018
    Some talk about the forced evangelisation of the Americas. This was done yesterday by historian Edmondo Lupieri in his Identità e conquista (Feltrinelli 2005). We read about “colonialism”, “Christian conquests”, and “imposition of Christianity”. What is true about that?

    Things should be historically clarified, and we did so in our specific dossier dedicated to the topic: relating the Catholic religion to colonialism is a controversial... Read more...

    The ex ISIS executioner who found peace by converting to Christ

    29 October 2018
    The conversion of Muslims. In Iran the path of the ex terrorist of ISIS, the jihadist group. But many are the stories of conversions from Islam, and many have to do with dreams.


    Heart4Iran is an associations of Christians devoted to the evangelisation in Iran and in close contact with Muslims. They also run a TV channel, Mohabat TV, which deals with news and assists the Iranian Christian Church. Amongst... Read more...