• The false numbers of clandestine abortion, always used as pretext

    6 March 2019

    However they try to pass off that action as an act of freedom, in the interest of the woman and even of her health, abortion remains what everyone knows: the killing of a human life. History shows us that this lie has always been necessary to make the public opinion swallow its liberalisation.

    And it went so all over the world, and thus also in the USA, at the beginning of the 70s. The Supreme Court legalised the interruption...


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  • Italian Fields Medal, Enrico Bombieri: «who is Catholic and goes to Mass»

    8 March 2019
    An Italian won again the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel for Mathematics. It was assigned to Alessio Figalli, 34 years old and full professor at the ETH of Zurich. The famous prize turns tricolour after 44 years, when it was assigned to Enrico Bombieri.

    Bombieri, Professor at Princeton University (USA), has always been seen with some annoyance by Professor Piergiorgio Odifreddi, who, in his book... Read more...

    Priests in France: “traditionalists” in communion with Francis are growing

    4 March 2019
    A news gave great annoyance to the friends of the “anti-Papist resistance”. In France, one of the Western countries with the greatest crisis of priestly ordinations, 20% of ordained priests would be a “traditionalist”.

    One of the exultant comments was the following: «an important sign, in consideration of the open disfavour that the reigning Pontiff showed on several occasions towards the young priests who prefer the tradition... Read more...

    When the progressivist priest Panikkar asked for forgiveness

    15 February 2019
    If you do not know Raimundo Panikkar, then this story will be new for you. If, instead, you know who he is, it will be a novelty anyway, because no-one – but really no-one – reports how the earthly path of this icon of the post-1968 progressivism ended.

    Son of an Indian man and of a Spanish woman, philosopher and syncretistic theologian, susprended priest, ex member of Opus Dei, member of the Consejo Superior de... Read more...

    Msgr. Lemaître, father of the Big Bang: he changed the mind of Albert Einstein

    13 February 2019
    Even Google celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Msgr. Georges Lemaître (17th of July), father of the Big Bang and the one who opened the contemporary era of cosmology.

    Priest and physicist of Belgian descent, he does not only represent one of the greatest scientific revolutionaries in history, he is not only a universal example of the compatibility between science and faith, but he was also the one... Read more...

    «The churches’ bells are most beautiful». Dawkins surprises again

    11 February 2019
    «Listening to the lovely bells of Winchester, one of our great mediaeval cathedrals». This was the tweet from the most famous fundamentalist atheist in the world, Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion. He fought for years to annihilate the “virus of religion”, but today, somewhat older, he sits on a bench while admiring the Winchester Cathedral. Who would have said it?

    Dawkins,...

    How not to lose faith? How to transform it from feeling to certainty?

    24 January 2019
    Stimulating is the new lay confession on the part of writer Teju Cole, guest at the Festival la Milenesiana. It is the witness of a Protestant Christian who let himself fall into sceptical agnosticism. He fell into doubt like many. But how not to lose faith? How can it mature so as to become certainty?

    Let us look at the experience of the writer: all began when he wondered whether... Read more...