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  • Cologne “removes” the cathedral, the last folly of cancel culture

    11 April 2022
    The spiers of the cathedral, the city's symbol for centuries, have been deleted from the logo of the city of Cologne. The pretext is a modernization for social networks, the reality is the removal of any symbol deemed politically incorrect.


    Delete what is politically incorrect.

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    Thousands of adults will be baptized as Catholics at Easter

    7 April 2022
    Also this year, during the Easter Vigil, thousands of adults will be baptized all over the world determined to belong to the Catholic Church. An important moment for their life following the conversion and the joy of the Christian encounter.


    It has been centuries since Voltaire stated that Christianity would soon fade.

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    Canadian historian: «No natives killed in Catholic schools»

    5 April 2022
    Our interview with Jacques Rouillard, professor of History at the University of Montreal and expert in Canadian residential schools. He denies the cultural and physical genocide of Canadian indigenous people: there are no excavations, no mass graves or, much less, found remains. Behind it all there is an attempt for a millionaire compensation.


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    The gospels are four independent sources

    29 March 2022
    Did the evangelists copy each other? Are the gospels independent sources or do we have only one source (the gospel of Mark) on the life of Jesus? The answer cannot fail to consider the sources of Gospels, from which each evangelist drew independently. Here's what the scholars say.


    In the past we have translated into Italian ...


    From abortion to infanticide, another bioethicist approves

    24 March 2022
    The pressure in favor of post-partum abortion continues with the same arguments in favor of pre-birth abortion. Philosopher Walter Veit sees no difference between fetus and newborn, so if abortion is morally accepted, there is no reason to oppose infanticide. Like him many others, even in Italy.


    Another Australian bioethicist, the philosopher...


    Historians and the popular myth about the Holy Inquisition: new dossier

    21 March 2022
    A collection of quotes from the leading international specialists of the Inquisition, united against the myth that prevents the results of modern historiography from reaching the general public. What is said of the Catholic inquisitorial courts is largely false: few sentences, no oppressive system, little use of torture.


    The publication of...