• The Galileo case: the philosopher of science Feyerabend defended the position of the Church

    19 October 2018

    Galileo, Bellarmine, and the Church. The most ancient version of the "Letter to Benedetto Castelli" by Galilei was found in London. We exploit this occasion to publish a reflection by philosopher Feyerabend, whose quotation meant the censorship of Benedict XVI by some professors of the Sapienza University in 2008. Paul Feyerabend was professor at the main European universities as well as at the California University. His approach, as can be deduced, is absolutely secular.



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  • “Jesus did not want to found a new religion”: how to answer?

    13 October 2018
    «Jesus had no intention of founding a new religion». This is the strongest statement emerged in the debate started by the review Jesus with some scholars, and it was pronounced by Mauro Pesce, full Professor of History of Christianity and the author of controversial theses expounded in his book with Corrado Augias: Inchiesta su Gesù [Inquest of Jesus].

    The attempt is to reduce...

    Ratzingerian Ouellet debunks Viganò’s charges: «false and blasphemous»

    10 October 2018
    The Viganò case and Ouellet. The former nuncio’s charges against Pope Francis have been defined as “false” and “blasphemous” by an ex close collaborator of Benedict XVI and by a pupil of John Paul II, Card. Marc Ouellet. His’ are well-documented replies, unlike the accusations by Viganò, after days of study in the Vatican’s archives.


    And after the Viganò dossier, few hours ago the Ouellet dossier... Read more...

    Card. Caffarra: «Let who is against the Pope go away; he will lose himself»

    8 October 2018
    Card. Caffarra, the dubia, and Pope Francis. One year after the death of the Archbishop of Bologna, many are remembering him. Amongst them, there are also the critics of the Pope, who exalted Card. Caffarra after the perplexities manifested about Amoris Laetitia. But three years before he passed on, Father Carlo gave a teaching on which many avoided reflecting.


    Created Cardinal by Benedict XVI in 2006, Carlo...

    Gay suicides? Nothing to do with homophobia; relationships are the cause

    6 October 2018
    Gay discrimination leads to suicide”, “They commit suicide because they are victims of bullying”, “when they are hindered by their family, homosexuals risk committing suicide”. These and other ones are the usual statements by pro-gay psychiatrist Vittorio Lingiardi, Professor at the Sapienza University in Rome. All balderdash, at least according to an Australian study, saying that the causes prevalently derive from... Read more...

    Nobel Prize W.D. Phillips and that God present «in my life and in the Universe»

    5 October 2018
    The US physicist and Nobel Prize William D. Phillips is called “the man who freezed atoms”, as he developed some important methods to cool atoms with laser light, to slow down their movement and be able to study them. He is Professor of Physics at the Maryland University and member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He never hid his faith: he is a Methodist Christian with a great esteem for the Catholic Church, as well as, besides,... Read more...

    Sexual abuses, report on priests in Pennsylvania: what the media are hiding

    5 October 2018
    The topic of paedophilia inside the Catholic Church has once again become the main focus on attention, and it is important that Pope Francis has talked about “crimes” in the letter diffused yesterday, because the sexual abuse by these corrupt men is not only a sin, but a tragic betrayal of their vocation. Few days ago the report realised by the Grandy jury of Pennsylvania, which describes the abuse occurred... Read more...