• Orlando shooting, a survivor: «I’ll leave homosexuality»

    16 August 2018

    On June 2016, at least 50 persons lost their lives inside the gay club Pulse in Orlando. Although the “homophobic” defensors of the family – among whom Pope Francis – were immediately indicated as the moral instigators, in the following horse it emerged that the terrorist, Omar Mateen, was a renowned gay and a regular at the Pulse, angry at how he «felt used» in that club.



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  • Argentina rejects abortion: historic vote thanks to women and to the Church

    10 August 2018
    What did not happen in Italy on the 22th May 1978 e in Ireland on the 25th May 2018, happened yesterday in Argentina. The legalisation of abortion has been historically rejected by 38 deputees against 31, by preferring to save “both lives” – according to the Argentinian pro-life slogans – the mother’s and the child’s. The militancy for the “no” side by the Episcopal... Read more...

    Luther’s homeland is more Catholic than Protestant. The crisis of the Reformed denominations.

    7 August 2018
    Martin Luther
    ’s homeland is today more Catholic than Lutheran. Catholics outnumbering Protestants, in Germany, happened in 2009. According to a recent survey, the crisis of the Protestants is increasing whilst the number of Catholics has been stable since 1950.

    The crisis of Protestantism, therefore, hits Germany as well. A short time ago, we were observing... Read more...

    The initial explosion of Christianity: how to explain it? The book by Barth D. Ehrman

    7 August 2018
    How is it possible that a minuscule “sect of Judaism”, as is sociologically defined, could conquer the Roman Empire and dominate the Western world? We talk about Christianity and about its unbelievable demographic expansion. The new and interesting book by Barth D. Ehrman deals this historical question, thereby giving us remarkable surprises.

    The most banal...

    «Inquisition reign of torture? Fake news», says Jewish historian

    5 August 2018
    «The image of the Roman Inquisition as a reign of torture and of evil has taken on a life of its own by now, ending up resembling those fake news about which many people talk today». Thus the Jewish historian Anna Foa, Professor of Modern History at the Sapienza University of Rome. Another specialist against the black legend, that is a false anti-Catholic vulgate created... Read more...

    Jesus of Nazareth: the first and complete historical source? It’s dated 30 A.D.

    3 August 2018
    The four Gospels are unreliable having been written many years after the facts they want to narrate. This is often heard, but it is a false affirmation. Let us see why.

    First of all, we have several times pointed out that the pieces of information concerning Jesus of Nazareth are more numerous and closer to the narrated historical facts, as compared to many other historical characters, like Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Marcus... Read more...

    Paul VI vetoed the pill. The commendation from Bergoglio: «He was a courageous prophet!»

    1 August 2018
    «I think about Blessed Paul VI. He had the strength to defend openness to life inside the family at a time when many people were worried about population growth. He was not antiquated, close-minded. No, he was a prophet, No, he was a prophet who, with this, told us to beware of Neo-Malthusianism, which is coming». It is a pity that nobody is remembering these clear judgments of Pope Francis on the Pope of Humanae Vitae, the Encyclical... Read more...