Faith and Science

There are many scientists who found confirmation of their faith in God through science as well as many whose atheism became because of science. In fact, God isn’t a scientific datum and science cannot prove the truthfulness or falsity of the metaphysical and theological propositions (and vice versa).

There is and cannot be any scientific proof of God, just there cannot be any scientific atheism. It is possible, however, that some aspects that arise from the study of physical reality confirm or refute your own existential stance, the one that you already had.

And yet we can still see some extreme stances in the scientific world nowadays, which are totally Enlightenment, “scientistic” and antireligious, which have resulted, as a consequence, only in the creation of movements of anti-scientistic protest, like the American movement known as “creationism”.

We believe that science and faith are not incompatible; in support of this stance we have posted some related articles in the menu on the left.


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