New research: induced abortion associated to breast cancer

Canco al senoWe often assert and show that supporting abortion means standing against female health, as well as obviously against an innocent humans life.

Several associations document innumerable deaths of women happening within abortion clinics in the U.S. behind a wall of silence. Regardless of religious differences, there are many secular associations against abortion like ‘Secular Pro Life’. All what matters is to be intellectually honest, to examine one’s conscience, and the ability to think freely.

Once again scientific evidence shows that induced abortion is significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer (among women). The study has been recently published in “Cancer Causes & Control” and was conducted in China.

This was a meta-analysis, a review combining the results of a series of existing relevant studies. In this case the study included 36 articles covering 14 provinces in China, showing that the risk of breast cancer increased by 44%, 76% and 89% for women who had one, two, and three induced abortions, respectively.

We remind you that it is possible to access our report on the correlation between induced abortion and breast cancer, where we list a number of scientific studies – conducted worldwide – that demonstrate such link.

The Editorial Staff

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