Faith and Historicity

In this section of the website, we delve into the origins of Christianity, biblical sources, and the historical reliability of the New Testament. We also examine the discoveries of biblical archaeology and the real or presumed compatibility between the historical Jesus and the Christ of faith.

Today, no serious scholar questions the historical existence of Jesus Christ anymore.

However, numerous questions remain regarding his figure, which are subject to investigations by historians, as well as scholars and anti-Christian polemicists. There is also a vocal group of “mythicists” who deny any reliability of Christian sources.

Through the following dossiers, we offer an overview of all these aspects, constantly updated to keep pace with new publications emerging over the years.


Our dossiers:


Resurrection of Jesus: Historical Evidence Explored.

Explore the historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Discover the significance and impact of Jesus’ resurrection. Uncover compelling proofs and testimonies supporting the reality of the resurrection event, affirming the historicity and transformative power of Jesus’ triumph over death.


Extrabiblical testimonies on Jesus of Nazareth.

Explore the non-Christian sources on Jesus, historical extrabiblical testimonies dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. Delve into a detailed analysis of the works that mention Christ outside the Gospels, accompanied by commentaries and endorsements of their authenticity by numerous historians and experts, both believers and non-believers, in Christian history.

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