Herod’s palace discovered and new historical proofs about King David

Important discoveries about the historicity of the Bible .

The disappointment, not reason, pushes us away from God

One study shows that the cause of atheism is the ” anger toward God.”

Francis’ judgment: “the natural family is the only possible one”

Important speech of the Pope

American Court: Chimpanzees are not considerable as human beings

The science shows that they have no self-consciousness and self-determination .

The “scandalous” conversion of Jean-Paul Sartre

The dark past of the theoretician of secular morality and his religious conversion.

Flat Earth? Ius primae noctis? Falsity against Middle Ages.

The historian Alexander Berber debunks some of the black legends.

Feminism comes late: the Church has always defended the woman

The Church certainly did not have to wait feminism.

Can you admire Jesus without believing in his divinity?

He is either really a divine man or a crazy man.

Gospel of Mark is based on the eyewitness of St. Peter

New evidence will be presented by Richard Bauckham.

70% of american doctors are against the assisted suicide

The poll realized by “New England Journal of Medicine”.

Genesis is not in contradiction with science

Interview with Vincenzo Balzani, an italian chemist.

Meissner, a physicist: «universal laws are a hint of God»

One of the greatest physicists in Europe.

Pope Francis’ judgment: “the family is between man and woman”

The Church judges the sin and not the sinner.

Pope Francis’ judgment: “Abortion is a death sentence”

The Pope against to “culture of waste”.

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