• «Creationists and Darwinian Atheists: the same mistakes»

    16 September 2018

      Mariano Bizzarri* *director of Systems Biology Group Lab - Sapienza University of Rome  

    It is so paradoxical that the Catholic Church – in her documents and in the speeches of many of her exponents, including many Pontiffs – has always supported the compatibility between the Catholic faith and the theory of evolution, while Protestants fiercely fought evolutionism, albeit some variations depending...


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  • Ratline: the Catholic church did not help the Nazi criminals

    12 September 2018
    The city of Genoa (Italy) had an important role after the dissolution of the Nazi regime. From Genoa, in fact, dozens of Jews and refugees boarded to looke for a new life. However, also many Nazi criminals did; for this reason, we also talk also about ratline.

    Like for every historical episode, accusations against the Catholic Church cannot fail... Read more...

    The ex spokesman of Benedict XVI exposes Viganò

    10 September 2018
    After the first attack against the Pope from his safe house, Msgr. Viganò keeps his mouth off, but he has not realised that his rifle loaded only with blanks. The last gossip of the Prelate of Varese, indeed, concerns the 2015 meeting between Pope Francis and Kim Davis, an employee convicted for having invoked the conscientious objection by refusing to sign the marriage licence of gay couples. But his reconstruction of facts was clamorously... Read more...

    Malcolm Muggeridge, the journalist who converted defending “Humanae Vitae”

    8 September 2018
    Malcolm Muggeridge was a famous English journalist born in 1903 and died in 1990, a lover of satire and of women. He lived as a declared atheist almost until his death, that is until his surprising conversion, occurred thanks to the Encyclical Humanae Vitae, of which we celebrate the fiftieth year in these days.

    He said that his look towards faith was that of a gargoyle: from the top of a spire,... Read more...

    Eight uncomfortable questions Msgr. Viganò had better not answer

    6 September 2018
    To clarify”. With this slogan the “Viganò dossier” has been thought and presented, so as to mask its real goal: induce the hated Pope Francis to resign. There is a problem: the testimony, prepared badly and in a rush, contains falsehoods above-all in its key passages, which compromise its credibility. But beside damaging above-all Benedict XVI and John Paul II, it proved to be a boomerang against Carlo Maria Viganò himself.... Read more...

    Human embryo and his self-development: study contradicts pro-choice people

    5 September 2018
    The human embryo the responsible for his own development. It is an important discovery because one of the main excuses to support abortion is that the embryo would not be a human person, it would not have intrinsic capacities and its development would be totally dependent on the mother carrying him in her womb. Some call it a "clump of cells": in this case abortion would not be a morally reprehensible act.

    An important...

    Charges against the Pope: former Nuncio Viganò lied, here the proofs

    31 August 2018
    Pope Francis did not want to comment the indictment former Nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò published against him; instead, the Pope asked the journalists to judge it for themselves. Thus, in few hours, the Editorial Staff of UCCR took seriously the memorandum by Viganò and his exhortation by the Pope and found out overwhelming evidence belying the key passage of the testimony... Read more...