Protestantism collapses in the USA: the mistake of conforming to the world

According to a recent survey, Protestantism is literally collapsing in the USA, thereby leaving the field to those who define themselves “without religion”. The number of Catholics, on the contrary, remains stable. A strong signal to Catholic progressism, which would like to be more open to the world by following the example of the Protestant confessions.

The 14-point drop of American Protestantism in 12 years has been measured by ABC/WashingtonPost and corresponds to a rise 9-point rise in the number of those who profess no religion, as well as to Catholics remaining stable around 22%. Indeed, according to other reports, the number of US citizens who define themselves Catholic is constantly increasing: from from 48.5 million to 76.7 million between 1965 and 2014.

For sure, these figures owe much to the Hispanic influence, as far as Catholicism is concerned. However, if we look into details, also amongst the non-Hispanic US citizens the percentage of Catholics has remained nearly constant in the last 12 years: 22% in 2013 and 20% in 2018.

In 2014, commenting...

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Shroud of Turin: silence from Borrini and Garlaschelli on rebuttals to their study

The bloodstains imprinted on the Sacred Shroud would have been incompatible with those of a crucifixion. The claim to have proved it comes from two researchers notorious for their numerous attempts to discredit the authenticity of the relic. Luigi Garlaschelli (retired chemist) and Matteo Borrini (University of Liverpool). However, their experiment was flawed by enormous ingenuities and mistakes that we have duly listed in our immediate response.

A well-documented criticism also arrived from Doctor Paolo Di Lazzaro, research manager of the Aeneas of Frascati and Vice Director of the International Centre of Sindonology. Anyway, on the media other replies appeared, but none of them goes so much into details.

Beside the words of the Archbishop of Turin, Cesare Nosiglia, we read (and listened to) the speech by Pierluigi Baima Bollone, full professor of forensic medicine at the University of Turin, who pointed out that «the job is based on a system called BPA, widely criticised at the scientific level. From the look of the blood stains, you deduce how they were procured with...

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The Pope: «Family is only between man and woman». But he has already said it many times!

Now they will have no more alibis. Or maybe yes? How will the critics of Pope Francis, who accuse him of speaking only about migrants and of not dealing with other issues important to Christians, and the false adulators, who use his name to justify conducts contrary to his thought, react to the words he said yesterday? «Today we speak of different types of family» – said Francis – «but the human family as the image of God, man and woman is one alone. It is one alone».

For those who follow the speeches of the Holy Father, there is nothing new: he obviously repeated these same things many times (see the images below). The real novelty is that this time all the main newspapers have recalled, since the title, his words:  The Irish Times ,  Advocate ,  CNBnews ,  The Wall Street Journal ecc.

Meeting the Forum...

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Shroud of Turin: “False Bloodstains”? The only falsehood is the new study

Exactly 40 years ago, in 1978, the Shroud of Turin was deemed “fake” because researcher Walter McCrone affirmed (erroneously) that there were no traces of blood on the linen cloth, but a mixture of iron oxide and vermilion pigments. Yesterday, after bitterly swallowing that, yes, there is human blood, two notorious sceptics of the authenticity of the Shroud concluded, though, that the stains were unrealistic as compared to the position of a crucified person.

In the last hours, we have been overwhelmed with requests to answer and refute this new study, published on the Journal of Forensic Sciences. However, in principle, all researches should be welcomed, both in favour or against the authenticity of the Shroud (which nobody, not even the Church, obliges to consider authentic). Of course, when all the mediatic apparatus talks in perfect synchrony about the “falsity” of the Shroud without this conclusion being even held by the study (where we only read “unrealistic bleeding”), and when we read that the author is, as usual, the chemist of Pavia Luigi Garlaschelli (scientific director of the CICAP, the Italian Committee for the investigation of claims by the pseudosciences), who has already failed similar experiments on the Shroud, then the suspicion of hoax begins to arise.

Analysing the research with accuracy and objectivity, we read that the two researchers used a mannequin by...

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Transgender volleyball player? «Death of sport», influential physiologist says

They also want to destroy the sport. The Lgbt lobby is defending the precence of trans people in women's volleyballs, but the female players preparing a class action. The sporting ethics is in danger, said Italian luminary Arsenio Veicsteinas, tenured Professor of Physiology at the State University of Milan.

All-out war against women: gay Senator Sergio Lo Giudice – who has purchased a child and taken him away from his biological mother – wants teach the meaning of motherhood to the Italian women; from the USA we heard of the testimony to basketball player Candice Wiggins, who withdrew because she was discriminated and bullied as heterosexual; the gay community denies entry to women, as if they were animals. Today, a transsexsual man wants to play against female players. And feminists? They are silent.

The case has arisen with Tiffany (Rodrigo) Pereira, a Brazilian trans who plays for Golem Palmi, a volleyball team in Italian A2 Female League. Other teams feel disadvantaged and sport is in danger because a "rush to transgender players" may occur. The Millenium team's president ...

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Trinity and monotheism: answers to the most common questions

How can we reconcile the Trinity with monotheism? «It is no more impossible to bring all the sea into this hole than what you are trying to do – comprehend the immensity of the mystery of the Holy Trinity with your small intelligence». St. Augustine heard this while he reflected on the mistery of the one and triune God.

If a mental giant received such a reprimand by the Lord, it is not surprising how little one of the greatest mistery of the Christian faith can be understood by us. The Christian theology seems sometimes complicated in the eyes of the world, less simple than Islamic monotheism. Yet, in my opinion, it is exactly this inconceivability to prove its truth.

Despite some attempts, some better than others, the Trinity remains a mystery. However, theology did not keep silent about this issue: from Irenaeus to Augustine, from John Scotus Eriugena to Thomas Aquinas, all the main Christian thinkers have addressed it, everybody giving a decisive and insuperable contribution. Some doubts may be clarified, also taking the cue from what is written by popular philosopher William Lane Craig in reply to the questions by a Muslim.

1) How can you philosophically reconcile the Trinity with monotheism? The answer was already searched during the first centuries of the Christian Era, during the great councils of the Church: the persons of the Trinity are not three different divinities; since the first council, it has been affirmed that Father, Son...

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«The stars? They refer to man’s destiny», says famous astrophysicist

«Stars have always referred to man's destiny. Also for Van Gogh, till the end, they remained a sign of a last possible hope. He confided: "Hope is in the stars", and his many nocturn paintings stem from a "tremendous need for – I will use this word – religion, so I go outside at night to paint the stars"». These are the words of eminent Italian astrophysicist Marco Bersanelli, able to combine science, art and philosophy masterfully, which makes him – at least in our eyes – one of the most interesting Italian scientists.

He is Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Milan, where he is also Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics. Dr. Bersanelli is member of the Planck Science Team and is amongst the scientific supervisors of ESA's Planck mission and also author of about 300 scientific publications. Recently, he has published the book "Il grande spettacolo del cielo" (Sperling & Kupfer 2016), in which collected personal reflections and quotes of colleagues of his', poets and artists who let themselves be seduced by the beauty of the cosmos.

«It is paradoxical», he has explained in a recent interview, «today technology allows us to look at the depth of the Universe at a level which was unthinkable even few decades ago, yet...

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Early date of Mark’s Gospel: what Dead Sea Scrolls say?

One year ago, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem signaled the discovery of 12th Qumran cave, that would host the fame texts of Dead Sea, including the oldest manuscripts of the Bible. Among them also the fragment called 7Q5, what could be connected to Mark's Gospel.

The Qumran caves are considered the greates archaelogical discovery of 20° century, they emerged by chance in 1947 from a cave about a mile from the Dead sea's west coast. The going assumption is that they were hidden from Essenes community.

The discovery is even more fascinating if one consider the famous fragment of papyrus called 7Q5, which is the 5th manuscript found in 7th Qumran cave. About it has been unleashed a international debate between papyrologists and Bible scholars, when in in 1972 the leading scholar José O’ Callaghan has identified the text on 7Q5 as a piece of Mark's Gospel: 6:52-53, to be exact. The definitive draft of this Gospel is commonly dated at 70 A.D., however if O'Callaghan's right should be backdate this at around 50 A.D. (about 20 years after Jesus's death), because all the archaelogical research exclude that the Qumran site was inhabited or used after 68 A.D.

In the '90s, two italian catholic weekly...

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9600 Jews were protected at the Vatican

In 1943/44 thousands of Jews found protection thanks to the systematic committment of the Vatican. Until now the exact number was not known to all, but recently Johan Ickxdirector of the Historical Archive of the Vatican Secretariat of State, has revealed it precisely. 

Almost 5,000 Jews were hosted and hidden in Catholic monastries, 3,000 found refuge in the Papal residence of Castel Gandolfo, 1,460 in Catholic houses, 60 in extraterritorial Italian buildings and 40 directly at the Vatican. These figures emerged from the Vatican archives' documents, explained Prof. Ickx in a recent conference called Refugee Policies from 1933 until Today: Challenges and Responsibilities".

The Vatican's was a silent action; also Pope Francis talked about it«Everything was pulled out on poor Pius XII. But we must remember that first he is seen as the great defender of Jews. He hid many in convents in Rome and in other Italian cities, as well as in the summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. There, in the Pope’s house, in his bedroom 42 children were born, the children"...

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Communism killed 20 million Christians: a real atheist inquisition!

According to a study by Russian mathematician Nikolay Yemelyanov, Professor at St. Tichon's Orthodox University, during the seven years of Leninist rule – from Russian Revolution in 1917 to Lenin's death in 1924 –, almost 25,000 Orthodox priests were imprisoned and 16,000 were killed, for their Christian faith.

The same happened to Catholic priests. The secular English writer Martin Louis Amis has collected some significant sentences by dictator Vladimir Lenin: «any religious idea, any idea of God is an indescribable abjection of the most dangerous kind, a plague of the most abominable. There are a million sins, disgusting facts, acts of violence, and physical contagions which are much less dangerous than the subtle and spiritual idea of God» (quoted in M. Amis, Koba il terribile, Einaudi 2003).

After the Russian Revolution, Bolsheviks seized the power in the Sovietic Union (23-27 February 1917; Lenin took the power on October of the same year). The extermination of believers also continued after Lenin's death: Todd M. Johnson, Professor of Global Christianity and Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, explained that the...

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Abortion doctor admits: «I have chosen this job to give birth, not to kill children»

Every time that an interview with a abortion gynecologyst appears, it is a shocking testimony. «I procure 400 abortions a year, I'm the last gynecologist not to be a conscientious objector in the region of Molise. But I have chosen this job to give birth to children, not to kill them».

This is the sad reflection by Dr. Michele Mariano, gynecologist at the "Antonio Cardarelli" hospital in Campobasso (Molise, Italy). He is an atheist, but – he said: «I'm a doctor and I know science». What does science say? «Let us not be afraid of the truth. That fetus could become a child, how can we deny it?». In truth, that fetus is already a child. «I don't want backstreet abortion to return and women to die at the hands of who knows what butcher, but that doesn't mean that I'm happy when I suppress a life». The backstreet abortion is an old and fake boogeyman, but we don't want to make a fuss about it. His honesty in being conscious of suppressing a life suffices to us.

It is the same dramatic awareness of abortionist gynecologist Massimo Segato, vice chief of Gynecology at the Valdagno Hospital (Vicenza, Italy), about whom ...

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«If science exists, this means that there’s a Logic», famous physicist said

The recent reflection of famous italian physicist Antonino Zichichi is very interesting. For a long time, the exponents of the anticlerical world have questioned his scientific authority because he often affirmed to believe in God thanks to science.

However, still today Zichichi appears to have a H-index (index of impact on the scientific world) equal to 62, like Stephen Hawking (62), and much superior, for example, to Carlo Rovelli (52) and to Nobel Prize Sheldon Lee Glashow (52).

«The scientific discoveries are the proof that we are not the result of chaos, but of a strict logic. If there is a Logic, there must be an Author», wrote Zichichi, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Bologna, ex President of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (1977-1982) and of the European Physical Society (1978), and Enrico Fermi Prize winner for his discovery of the first example of nuclear antimatter.

The scientist also denied that science can explain or reproduce the miracles, which would be equivalent to «deluding oneself into thinking of being able to discover the scientific existence of God». This is impossible because, «if it were science to find him out, God could be made only of science and nothing more. If it were the mathematics to elaborate the "God theorem",...

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Crusades saved Europe from Islamic invasion


Francesco Agnoli* *essayist and writer La Verità, 28/03/17


One of the big lie against Catholic Church concerts to Crusades. We look at what preceded: after birth of Islam (VII century A.D.), the area inhabitated by christian like Coast to Afric, Spain, Sicily and many town of Roman Empire in the Est, were attacked, looted and devastated by muslim, which wherever killed and enslaved. Any historic book describe speed of Mohammed and his heirs on estabilish themselves in Christians lands.

The Mediterranean was fully to Saracens pirates and it became impraticable, to the point where the historian Henri Pirenne assest that just with islamic expansion begins the Middle Age, because it was most traumatic compared to Barbarians invasions. «Christian can't sail even with a raft», writed arab historian ibn Khaldun. Between 16th-century and 17th-century, Sicily was constantly ransaked. In 846 A.D. there was the first sacks of Rome: 3000 warriors raided the city and St. Peter and St. Paul church. Also many cities of the sea were regularly raided.

Famous rebirth of first Millenium there would never be if Maritime republics had not, firstly, regained the Mediterranean, cleaning to pirate and available it to trade and navigation. The historic study of Rinaldo Pennetta, called "Pirati e corsari turchi e barbareschi"... Read more...

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For that, we aks people who sense some personal advantage from our work, a free donation. We use it to cover living expenses, buy study materials (books, scientific papers etc.), promote the website, defende ourselves in case of legal disputes etc.

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  The editorial staff...
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“We’ll protect our values”: wasn’t relativism the dogma of the laical society?

attentato parigi

We’ll protect our values”. That’s Obama’s, Hollande’s and Cameron’s way. The Italian Prime Minister Renzi stated that we’ll certainly win, since these are the correct and good values. But, dear Presidents, what values?

Since I was five and started to go to school I’ve been told that absolute values do not exist, that values are perspectives, and the worst you could do is to consider writing the word Truth with the capital T, and that you must cultivate doubts ...

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