Faith and Secularism

For several years, atheism has transformed into a kind of church.

It is no longer the theoretical atheism of Nietzsche, Stirner, and Feuerbach. Contemporary secularism has lost its maturity and reduced itself to a vindictive, militant, and practical state. From a negative atheism, based on the rejection of God and the idea of God, we have moved to a positive atheism, a struggle against everything related to God.

Atheism, therefore, has transformed into a more naïve variant: anti-theism. It has become a true faith, increasingly organized like a church, with ministers, rituals, proselytism actions, and dogmas (starting with the infallibility of science).

This “religion of atheism”, as italian philosopher Giulio Giorello defined it, puts forth arguments and apologetic reasoning in its favor. It publishes books and engages so passionately in the matter of God (and His non-existence) that it constantly speaks about it in conferences, public gatherings, books, articles, blogs, with a passion and (a)religious fervor far more intense than that of most believers.

In this section of the website, we explore the positions of militant atheism, its theses, its contradictions, and the “skeletons in the closet” that accompany it.


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