New research: children need a mother and father

Famiglia 3

An article appeared on the website of the McGill University Health Centre, one of Canada’s foremost health centres, reports the results of a scientific study conducted by its researchers saying that «even with today’s technology, it still takes both a male and a female to make a baby. But is it important for both parents to raise that child? Many studies have outlined the value of a mother, but few have clearly defined the importance of a father, until now».

The research, published on the journal Cerebral Cortex, shows that the absence of a father during critical growth periods leads to impaired social and behavioural abilities as adults. «Although we used mice, the findings are extremely relevant to humans» says psychiatrist Dr. Gabriella Gobbi. «The behavioural deficits we observed are consistent with human studies of children raised without a father. These children have been shown to have an increased risk for deviant behaviour and in particular, girls have been shown to be at risk for substance abuse».

These results, concludes the McGill University Health Centre paper, should incite researchers to look more deeply into the role...

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How to explain the violent expressions in the Old Testament?

Sacrificio IsaccoThe Old Testament contains some violent expressions, not so pleasant, and sometimes shocking. God appears in his rage, angry, indignant until menacing destruction, death, and the annihilation of who goes against his will and laws. How can we give an explanation to all this?

We need to as a first thing observe that God has always two aspects: justice  and forgiveness. In the old testament, how the commiserate card. Carlo Maria Martini explained:  «God takes by hand his people, He corrects them, He educates them and he puts them again in his primary project of joyousness». His work is «a work of education […]. Only the human’s evil brings Him to rage. So then He becomes a warrior  (Is.42,13) and fights with invincible strength, using even the forces of nature (Ger 30,23; 51,1) or human armies which become his battle instruments (Is 10,5; 13,3-5). But his objective is never a definitive extermination, how already the  Great Flood shows, with Noah and his family that survive (Gn 6,5-9,17). His actions even if sometimes very severe for the hardness of mind and heart of humans, are actions of punishment and correction, in order that humans can understand their mistakes, so that they cannot  play around with Him, and return humbly to Him, always ready to forgive (Is 10,24-25; 16-18)» (“Guida alla lettura della Bibbia” p. 14,75).

Sometimes a loving father and sometimes a severe educator who wants to mold the people of Israel, “Stiff-necked people”. An example: God asks Abraham the not understandable sacrifice of...

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Euthanasia (also for minors) rejected by the medical community

eutanasiaBelgium has approved in the first instance the bill that extends the possibility of euthanasia to terminally ill minors, if they have requested it and provided that a psychologist has certified the "capacity of judgment" of the underage applicants.

As many have already pointed out, pro-pedophilia people should rejoice in it as, if a psychologist were really enough to certify minors’ "capacity of judgment" about their suicide, why should not the same be applied also to give the green light to sexual intercourse with adults?

Euthanasia for minors has been approved eleven years after the full approval for adults (with a 500% increase of the deaths by euthanasia between 2003 and 2012) and this proves the inevitable inclined plane, at the beginning it was legalized only for terminally ill adults and from then on it was impossible to stop: it was the turn of non-terminal patients, then of those who suffer at a psychological level, then of elderly people even with no disease until today, when it has been authorized for children in terminal phase. And the plane remains inclined towards further extension. "When Belgium legalized euthanasia", said Tom Mortier on "National Post", "there were assurances that it would"...

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Frans De Waal and the “morality in animals” attempt

Frans De WallThe reductionist-naturalist dogma "we are our genes" has now been abandoned, as it’s been replaced for a while by another dogmatic belief: "we are our brains". After the failure of geneticists, now it’s neuroscientists’ turn to argue that free will is an illusion, that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of our brain, and that morality is a mere product of neurons. All of course to avoid attributing to human beings an exceptionality which may be really annoying for those who deny the Creator.

In this new venture, there are not just neuroscientists, but also ethologists such as Frans De Waal who obviously has an interest in claiming that "morality is not born with religion but is innate", which means it is held by animals and especially primates, which even "distinguish between good and evil and react to injustice". An exaggeration, thankfully downsized right below: "I’m not saying that chimpanzees or bonobos are moral beings, rather they have all the basic ingredients without which we humans cannot have any morality." The more the interview goes on the more his statements lose self-confidence: "We cannot know what animals feel ", he rectifies for the third time. " What we can do is to measure how they react in some situations".

This means they interpret (often arbitrarily) the animals’ reactions from a human point of view, that is anthropomorphism. A simple game...

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Why secularism is synonymous with Christianity

Salvatore VecaWe have already dealt with the last book of intolerant philosopher Paolo Flores d'Arcais, editor-in-chief of "Micromega", entitled “La democrazia ha bisogno di Dio? Falso! ["Does democracy need God? False!"] (Yale University Press, 2013). It argues that "every public role of religion should be radically and systematically denied in democracy, because any public role threats and undermines some essential elements of the democratic system".

Only atheists can participate in public life because "democracy is atheist, inescapably", says Flores d'Arcais. Believers, if they want to participate as well, must accept "the golden exile in the private sphere" of God. The author has the stated aim to refute the position of famous German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, for whom, on the other hand, democracy needs a religious assumption. However, reading the words of Salvatore Veca, philosopher, university professor and deputy director of the IUSS - School for Advanced Studies of Pavia, it seems that he didn’t reach his purpose at all. As for the question about the choice between those who appreciate the role of religion in the public space, such as Jürgen Habermas, and those who identify democracy with atheism, such as Paolo Flores d'Arcais, professor Veca ...

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New research: induced abortion associated to breast cancer

Canco al senoWe often assert and show that supporting abortion means standing against female health, as well as obviously against an innocent humans life.

Several associations document innumerable deaths of women happening within abortion clinics in the U.S. behind a wall of silence. Regardless of religious differences, there are many secular associations against abortion like 'Secular Pro Life'. All what matters is to be intellectually honest, to examine one's conscience, and the ability to think freely.

Once again scientific evidence shows that induced abortion is significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer (among women). The study has been recently published in "Cancer Causes & Control" and was conducted in China.

This was a meta-analysis, a review combining the results of a series of existing relevant studies. In this case the study included 36 articles covering 14 provinces in China, showing that the risk of breast cancer increased by 44%, 76% and 89% for women who had one, two, and three induced abortions, respectively.

We remind you that it is possible...

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Shallice, a neuropsychologist: «mind isn’t a product of neurons»

Timothy ShalliceIn order to deny God it is necessary to deny the human being and his singularity. This is, as we already pointed out, a dogma of the modern atheism which still persists although the scientistic positivism failure. The man is described as "nothing else but", because the acknowledgement of his singularity and of the qualitative and ontological diversity compared to the rest of nature would require a not so well-accepted justification by those who deny that the human being is the result of a Rational Thought.

Thus far darwinists and neo-darwinists, like Richard Dawkins, were those who made this attempt, whereas nowadays it is a neuroscientists duty. The Evolution and Darwin's theory, if not exploited, are not in conflict with the subjects of christian faith, or rather they prove to be in conflict with the naturalism. For this reason nowadays the anti-theists rely on neuroscientists: it's their task to demonstrate that free will is an illusion, that conscience is just a brain epiphenomenon and that the mind is simply (typical term of reducionism) a "bundle of neurons", according to Francic Crick's assertion.

Sergio Barbieri, neurologist and director of "U. O. Neurofisiopatologia" at Milano Policlinico Hospital, has...

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Saint Peter’s tomb and archaeological findings

Tomba san pietroArchaeologist Paolo Lorizzo, an Oriental Studies graduate and a postgraduate in Egyptology at the Sapienza University of Rome, has recently written on "" about the burial of Saint Peter in the Vatican Necropoli, a burial which is confirmed by literary sources and by archaeological findings.

Every historian worthy of the name knows that Peter died a martyr's death during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero in 64 AD, in the "Circus of Nero", that he was buried not far from the place of his martyrdom, and that over his grave emperor Constantine ordered the building of the Old Vatican Basilica at the beginning of the IV century. Literary sources can help us piece together what happened after the martyrdom; to start with, there's the account of Clement, the leader of the Christian Roman community of the I century, who describes the persecution by Nero, of which Peter was one of the many victims. Two texts dating back to the II century, the "Ascension of Isaiah" and the "Apocalypse of Saint Peter", confirm that the death of Peter took place in Rome with the martyrdom by Nero in 64 AD. Moreover, the presence in Rome of the Apostle is supported by the fact that nobody in the past has ever claimed to have his tomb, which is a sign that the sources that focus their attention in the area of the capital are in fact reliable.

Speaking about the tomb of the Apostle, it is also useful to...

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The Church against the Indian law criminalizing gay people

India omosessualiThe Supreme Court of India canceled the decision of the High Court of Delhi in July 2009 which decriminalized homosexual intercourse, thereby upholding the constitutional validity of section 377 of the Criminal Code and accepting the complaints of a large part of the population and many Hindu cultural and religious associations.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Mumbai and president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, has protested against the decision, saying that "the Catholic Church has never been opposed to the decriminalization of homosexuality, because we have never seen gay people as criminals. As Christians we express our full respect for homosexuals. The Catholic Church is opposed to the legalization of gay marriage, but teaches that homosexuals have the same dignity of every human being".

On the other hand, in Catholic Italy homosexuality was decriminalized back in 1866, well before Anglican Great Britain (1967), Communist East Germany (1968), Lutheran Norway (1972 ) and Israel (1988). The Catholic Catechism condemns the "sin" itself, defining "homosexual acts" as "intrinsically disordered" but teaches that we accept the "sinner", in fact homosexuals "must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity."...

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Emerging from state atheism with the use of reason (video)

Yu e FilonenkoIn the latest edition of the "Meeting" in Rimini, organized by the ecclesial movement "Communion and Liberation",  were presented the conversion stories of two intellectuals born under state atheism.


The first  one is Tianyue Wu, professor of philosophy at Peking University: «I come from a Catholic family but for me it was hard to embrace religion», he said. «At school they would teach us that religions are just superstitions, monsters that belong to a dead and buried past. Chinese society is completely  secularized, with its "Carpe diem" motto, and Chinese people have now adopted a cynical and utilitarian attitude, due to the major economic growth and the consequent spiritual impoverishment». However, he stated, «After so many years of atheist education people still feel that they need to find something that goes beyond life on earth».

China is a country where already the early missionaries found it hard to «introduce the idea of a transcendent God among people who thought that the only thing that existed was life on earth, nothing else». What is more, the «communist government made things worse by using atheism as an essential part of its ideology, as it sent the missionaries away, as it closed churches and forced the priests that were left not to exercise their ministry.» Even after Mao's death and the reopening of churches, «the background remained hostile to religion. On the one side this was a difficulty, on the other it was a bright side for believers: you were forced to ask yourself which where the reasons for believing...

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Devout Catholics have a more satisfactory sex life

Fidanzati«Unfortunately, on this matter the Catholic thought is often misunderstood, as if the Church supported the idea of a non-stop fertility, urging married couples to procreate without any judgment or any plan in mind. However, it only takes an accurate reading of the pronouncements of the Magisterium to see that it isn't true». These are the words of John Paul II of July 1994.

He also added: «As they consider the decision of generating or not generating life, they must let themselves be inspired not from egoism or superficiality, but from a prudent and conscious generosity, which may evaluate the possibilities and the circumstances [...] Therefore, when there is a reason not to procreate, this choice is permissible and may even be necessary. However, there remains the duty of carrying it out with criteria and methods that respect the total truth of the marital act in its unitive and procreative dimension, as wisely regulated by nature itself in its biological rhythms. One can comply with them and use them to advantage, but they cannot be "violated" by artificial interferences»

It's also interesting to read the recent article of Dr. Gregory K. Popcak, director of the Catholic organization "Pastoral Solutions Institute”. He wrote: «Catechized by friends, family, and the media who all think the Catholic Church hates sex –unless it’s being"...

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Ban on abortion increases maternal mortality: studies prove it’s wrong

Gravidanza 3Lola Velarde, president of the Institute for Family Policies in New York, denounced at the UN headquarters the falsity of feminism as it claims the need to legalize abortion in order to decrease maternal mortality. These are old lies, which studies have fully proven to be wrong.

In her speech at the conference of the 19th September she explained that «it isn't possible to reach the UN Millennium Development Goals unless you grant the right to life and to family». She proceeded to debunk the main myth of pro-abortionists: maternal health. Through this myth they wanted to manage the recent cases in Beatriz, El Salvador, and Savita, Ireland, failing in both of them. She mentioned the case of Ireland, a nation with strict abortion laws (in fact, abortion is performed only in the case of a real risk of death of the mother), a  nation considered by the World.  Health Organization (WHO) as the safest country in the world to give birth.

Dr Monique V. Chireau, professor at University Medical Center in North Carolina (USA) also gave a speech, in which she explained that the low maternal mortality rate of Ireland shows that «treatment of high risk pregnancies doesn't require a false choice between the needs and the rights of the mother and those of the baby. In fact, data of the British Health Department show that in the last 20 years not a single abortion was necessary to save the life of the mother». Moreover, Dr Chireau underlined that «doctors have the duty to give assistance taking...

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“As a homosexual I apologize to Guido Barilla”

Guido Barilla    by Eliseo Del Deserto  

From the blog of Blog di Eliseo Del Deserto, 28/09/13


Dear Mr. Guido Barilla,

I'm writing because it is me who wishes to ask your forgiveness! I'm a homosexual guy and I followed the debate that sparkled by your statement. I was bothered by the multiplying brouhaha, by the pointless battles: "shall we boycott or not", by the insipid list of the other pasta brands, by the fact that your picture was insulted and acclaimed.

I've been living away from home for 4 years now and I can't eat any other pasta brands, even if I would spare money, because the only one that reminds me of my family is the Barilla. Maybe it's because of advertising, maybe just because it's the only pasta brand that my mother ever cooked for me. I'm homosexual and I believe in the traditional family, too; and I don't think that other kind of unions could ever be defined as "evolution of family".

When we are still little or young and we realize that we are homosexuals, we find it out for ourselves: we are different. At the beginning, many people (no generalization here) consider this diversity as a handicap. After a first despair we seek a balance, a reason, happiness. Each and every one of us has his/her own diversity to manage, that's the truth.

It is right to understand the traits of our diversity, to accept its limits. For example, two men will never generate a child. Two women will never be a family,...

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Why do we call ourselves “Catholic rationalists”

Logo UCCR (INGLESE) + scrittaThis is the first article of the English version of "UCCR" (Union of Catholic Christian Rationalists), an online association of some young friends who are willing to support the rationality of the Christian faith, following the steps of Pope  Emeritus Benedict XVI, and to defend Catholic stances (and the stances of the Holy See) on many, different subjects.

It is essential to clear up a widespread misunderstanding straightaway: we realise that the term "rationalism" might be interpreted as an antithesis to the Catholic faith, if it means that reason is the only way to arrive at the truth (as thoroughly explained in the Catholic Encyclopedia). This claim is wrong if by "reason" one means "positivist reason" - as it is considered nowadays - that is a form of reason that requires proof and scientific demonstrations. This kind of rationalism is inevitably (and by definition) atheistic.

However, it is clear that this rationalistic attitude will not achieve a complete understanding of our experience, because we experience phenomena which stretch far beyond the biological, the physical and the chemical fields. It is therefore necessary to broaden the concept of reason. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said, in his famous ...

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