Faith and Historicity

The majority of the studies and the main authorities in the area of history and archeology – best-sellers and religious thrillers excluded – now affirm without a doubt the historical existence of Jesus Christ and the compatibility between Jesus, as reconstructed by the researches, and Jesus, as proclaimed and acknowledged as Christ among believers.

Likewise, they acknowledge the consistent historical reliability of the evangelic account, and this is also thanks to the many archeological successes.

It is thanks to the many archeological findings of the last century and the crisis of the demythologization method of the Gospels that we have today a number of unquestionable historical data: the historical existence of Jesus Christ during the I century b.C.; the historical reliability of the contents of the Gospels, which date back to the years that followed Christ’s death.

In this section we will demonstrate what we briefly summarized here by discussing the many certainties that we have gained in recent centuries about the historicity of Jesus Christ, of the Gospels and of the Old Testament. You can find articles on these topics in the menu on the left.

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