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SIMONE F.: simo.fossa@libero.it
I am a 28 years old psychomotor specialist and scientific journalist; received my degree in Motor Sciences from
the University of Milano, the city where I was born.

MICHELE PRANDI: redazione@uccronline.it
I am currently working as laboratory assistant while specializing in Physiology and Biomechanics. I live in Milano and am 27 years old. I’ve always been Catholic and am also happily engaged.

EMANUELE S.: postmaster@uccronline.it
M.A. with a PhD in Physics; when I’m not doing scientific research, my time is dedicated to my family. I am also a webmaster.

LUCA PAVANI: pavaniluca33@gmail.com
I teach History and Philosophy at a high school in Torino. On the weekends I have the privilege to go on tour around Italy playing with my band.

RAFFAELE MARMO: raffaele.marmo@gmail.com
I’m a medical student from Pisticci, province of Matera, 24 years old and happily engaged. I was raised in a Catholic family, but started a profound journey of faith after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje on year 2004. I love to debate on sexuality and medicine, inspired by the life and thoughts of Saint Joseph Moscati.

NICOLA Z.: monsieurdeslauriers@gmail.com
I’m currently studying for my degree in International Relation at the University of Trieste. On year 2010 I was a successful candidate in the European competition “Europe, a mediation on human dignity” promoted by the Italian “Movimento per la Vita”. I was born and raised in a Catholic family. After a long time of “lukewarm” faith, recently I’ve had the chance to learn more about, with a special focus on its bioethical implications. I’m running a blog.

LINDA GRIDELLI: lindagri@virgilio.it
I was born on year 1960, received my degree in Biological Science at the University of Milan and worked primarily on blood tests, anemia, allergies and Electro acupuncture at the Milano General Hospital (Policlinico) as well as with other private hospitals. Besides a number of scientific publications, I’ve also written an illustrated book for a wine producer, in the form of the fictional essay, titled La di vino commedia. Always been into fine arts, in the recent years I discovered the pleasure of drafting and painting, becoming eventually an amateur, self-taught painter.

MICHELE SILVI: ishramit@yahoo.it
I’m 19 years old and living in Ancona (Italy), I’m currently studying for my degree in Sciences of Primary Education. I am a “Pack Scouter “(educator for children between 8 and 11) for the Italian Association of European Catholic Guides and Scouts. My Christian journey started in the summer 2006 with my first conversion: an event followed by some others, as I confess in my blog “Osserva e Taci”, dedicated to philosophy and/or theology and where writings of mine are published.

SALVATORE DI MAJO: sdimajo@inwind.it
I’m 42 years old, have a degree in Law and received a License in Religious Sciences at the Pontificia Facoltà of Sicily San Giovanni Evangelista. I’m high school teacher in Law and Economy, presently employed as an expert in advanced learning on tourist industry. I published several papers on technologies applied to tourist industry and in the field of religion.

CLAUDIO GNOFFO: gnoffoa@libero.it
I’m 25 years old, live in Palermo and accomplished my postgraduate studies in Modern Languages and Translation for the International Relations. I’m working as freelancer with the publisher Ila Palma, and am going to start a PhD. I’ve always been attracted by narrative in any form, especially when it analyzes the great issues affecting humanity and the relation between the human dimension and God. Already been an atheist, I returned to faith seven years ago.

LIVIA CARANDENTE: livia.carandente@libero.it
PhD in Communication Studies, journalist and editorial director for some local newspapers, I teach communication at various educational projects. I’m 30 years old, married, and live in Napoli. I lived 25 years of my life as a lukewarm Catholic: when my conversion happened I became an ardent Catholic Christian.

MATTIA FERRARI: ferrarimattia803@gmail.com
I’m from Brescia, 24 years old, received my degree in Letters and Philosophy at the Catholic University “Sacro Cuore”. I’ve a strong interest for history and have published a tale’s book with the title “Fiabe da raccontare” (Marco Serra Tarantola editore 2010)

LUCA BERNARDI: sono.donba@gmail.com
I live in Rimini, 21 years old and Philosophy student at the University of Ferrara. Born and raised in a Catholic family, only in the last six years, reading the writings of Saint Augustine, I became aware of the sense of my faith. I’ve therefore extended my studies to the great Fathers of the Church through which I discovered the Tradition and the Tridentine Mass.

I am a 27 years old sociologist with a strong interest in bioethics. I am also responsible for the youth section of the “Movimento per la Vita” in my region. I’m also the author of this blog.

NICOLA TERRAMAGRA: nicola.terramagra@gmail.com
Born on the 1986, after having taken my high school diploma in Computer Sciences I had my first professional experiences in the field of banking system and the web. For the last two years I’ve been studying Philosophy at the University of Bologna, with a special focus on ethic, philosophy of science and of religion. Music and astronomy are my greatest interests (I am a drummer and an amateur astrophotographer). My faith passes through various vicissitudes and I highly esteem the work and life of Saint Augustine; I like to share my views with whomever, especially non believers: favorite topics are about the historical authenticity of Jesus and of the Gospels, as well as about the reason as a source of justification for religion.

ROBERTO REGGI: robertoreggi@libero.it
Born on year 1974 in Faenza, I am a lay, contributor to Cathopedia and Radio Maria. More info on my education and studies are here

I am from Verona, teacher of Catholic Religion at high school level and ordinary member of the SIPR (Italian Association for the Psychology of Religion) as psychotherapist and psychologist. I am especially interested in cultural anthropology, Christian theology, history of religions and experimental psychology.

MASSIMO ZAMBELLI: mail@orarel.com
Born on year 1958, married and father of two children, I teach Religion at a high school in Bologna. An enthusiastic amateur photographer, (www.massimozambelli.com) I run the web site www.orarel.com where I try to mediate the positions of school’s main role players (students, parents, teachers) on issues related to religion studies, a.k.a. “the popular theology”. My blog is www.orarel.com/blog.

I was born near Bari, on the October 16th 1988. I am a student in Law and have an interest for philosophy and history of religions. I read everything, although philosophical essay and scientific journalism (i.e. origin of the universe and of life) are my favorites. My spare time is dedicated to writing for the magazine “Betile” and the Study Center “La Runa”. Relations between science and religion are my favorite topics. My view on religion is typically deist, nonetheless I’m “skeptically partaking” for the Christian God: cannot accept the atheists’ Emptiness.

Born on 1980, I do live in Tuscany. After a degree in Political Economy and a PhD in Economic History, I am now Research Fellow. My activity focuses on economy and history, although I cultivate an interest also for Christian ethic and related contemporary issues. I know that I am a poor Catholic; hence I’m luckily compelled by reason to live in the faith of Christ. I love pizza, but cannot swallow moralism; I’m inclined to entrust my dearest things only to whoever is able to die and resurrect after three days.

STEFANO COLOMBO: catsteven@tiscali.it
I’m born in Merate (near Lecco, Italy), I’m 29 years old and I work as a ordinary Magistrate at the Court of Milan. I’m not a believer, but I like to meet and relate with anyone, without prejudice or preconceptions. I love writing and I have published some of my stories about the blog: http://flyingbard.blogspot.it

LORENZO BARTOLACCI: bartlor89@gmail.com
Born and raised in a catholic family of three sons and a daughter. My parents are part of the Terzo Ordine Francescano Secolare. At age 17, I knew the experience of the movement of Communion and Liberation and I began a catholic journey. In 2008 I graduated as a Computer Expert at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale G. Statale e M. Montani to Fermo (FM). In the same year I started working as an installer of security systems (where I work today as a technician)



Writer and journalist, contributing to “Il Foglio”, “Avvenire”, “Il Timone”, “Radici Cristiane” and “Radio Maria”, Francesco Agnoli is the author of several publications, like Roberto Grossatesta. La filosofia della luce (EDS 2007); Chiesa, sesso e morale (Sugarco 2007); Perché non possiamo essere atei(Piemme 2009); Indagine sul cristianesimo. Come si costruisce una civiltà (Piemme 2010); Chiesa e pedofilia – Colpe vere e presunte(Cantagalli 2010) and Case di Dio e ospedali degli uomini (Fede e Cultura 2011).


Degrees in Philosophy and in Law, PhD in Philosophy at the University of Genova, Luigi Baldi is a teacher of History and Philosophy, contributing to the activities of the Section of History of Thinking and Philosophy of Culture at the University of Genova, department of Philosophy; he is also the author of the book “Veritas mutabilis. Natura umana e ricerca della verità in Tommaso D’Aquino” (Veritas Mutabilis, Human Nature and the Search of the Truth in Thomas Aquinas, Accademia Ligure di Scienze 2006), as well as other pieces on the thinking of the Doctor Angelicus.


With Degrees in Modern Letters and Religious Sciences, Stefano Biavaschi is teacher at several High Schools in Milano, also contributing to the Chair of Theology at the Catholic University. He worked in the field of juvenile distress prevention and is teachers and catechists trainer. He has been writing for magazines and newspapers like “Corriere della Sera”, “Il Giorno”, “La Repubblica”, “Oggi”, “Avvenire”, “Il Timone”, “Radici Cristiane”. He contributed with “Transparency International” on the ethical training of new Iraqi officials after the Gulf War, contributed with RAI (Italian television public service) and Mediaset (private television network) and since some years is hosting a radio program at Radio Maria. He published several books: Il Profeta del Vento(the Wind’s Profet) was his a major achievement.


Professor of Biochemistry and of Clinical Pathology at the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Mariano Bizzarri is Director of the “Systems Biology Group Lab” at the same Athenaeum. Also Secretary General of the ISSBB (Italian Society for Space Biomedicine and Biotechnology), he is Head of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Italian Space Agency.


Anna Paola Borrelli received her degree in Theology at the Pontificia Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Meridionale in Napoli and a Diploma in Moral Theology at the Accademia Alfonsiniana in Rome; is qualified in Bioethics at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University Cattolica and qualifying in School and Juvenile Distress at the Faculty of Science in Education, University of Rome. She is also lecturer at several Catholic schools and published her book L’amore e le differenze psicologiche e comportamentali tra uomo e donna” (Bonomi 2012).


A pediatrist and formerly medical director at the Pediatric Emergency and Urgent Care Department of the Maternal-Child Hospital in Ancona, Stefano Bruni is researcher and lecturer at the Pediatric Clinic of the Università Politecnica della Marche; Among other fields, he worked in neonatology, urgent cares, genetic and rare diseases. He is scientific director of the Italian branch of an international group researching on therapies for genetic rare diseases.


Scientist, philosopher and expert in neurobioethics, Alberto Carrara is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome as well as Biology and Chemistry Laboratory Technician and Doctor in Medical Biotechnologies at the Faculty of Medicine and Chemistry of the University of Padova. Since 2009 he is a member of the Science Research Group in Neurobioethics of the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum and since 2010 is member of the International Neuroethics Society. He is collaborating with various academic institutions included UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights in Rome. He is the manager of the blog “Neuroetica e Neuroscienze”.


Teacher of History and Philosophy at a High School in Verona, Marco Fasol is the author of the books Il Codice svelato. Le fantasie del Codice da Vinci e la realtà storica (Fede e Cultura 2006), I vangeli di Giuda. Le verità nascoste dei vangeli apocrifi(Fede e Cultura 2007) e Eros greco e amore cristiano (Fede e Cultura 2011).


High School Principal and Teacher of Natural Sciences in Verona, Umberto Fasol is an expert in evolution, morphogenesis, cosmology and bioethics. Contributor to journals and magazines “Emmeciquadro”, “Nuovaseconaria” and “Il Timone”, on the year 1984 he published in the Rivista internazionale di Biologia “Meccanismi epigenetici nella morfogenesi dei vertebrati”,, on the year 2007 the book La creazione della vita (Fede e Cultura), on the 2010 the books La vita una meraviglia (Fede e Cultura) and Evoluzione o Complessità? La nuova sfida della scienza moderna (Fede e Cultura). He is manager of the blog “Il progetto in biologia”.


MICHELE FORASTIERE: michele.forastiere@gmail.com
After receiving his Degree in Physics, Michele Forastiere has been a researcher in the field of integrated optics until he started a career as teacher. He is now teacher of mathematics and physics at a high school. After his conversion to the Catholic faith, he initiated a research that lead to the publication of “Evoluzionismo e cosmologia. Ovvero: Cosa c’entra Darwin con la vita, l’Universo e tutto quanto?” (Cantagalli 2011).


Professor of Zoology at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Pisa, Ludovico Galleni is also Professor of Science and Theology at Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose “N. Stenone” in Pisa. From 1998 until 2006 he was member of the steering committee of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT) and of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) in Berkeley, CA. He was science coordinator in Biology at the International Research Area on Foundations of Sciences (IRAFS) of the Pontifica Università Lateranense (1999-2002) and is listed among the members of the scientific committee of the Dizionario Interdisciplinare di Scienza e Fede.


Biologist and Head Researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) where he works on the statistic and mathematical modeling of biological systems, Alessandro Giuliani is a member of the PhD teaching staff at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, working also with the University Keio in Tokyo and the Rush University in Chicago. In his profession he touched several fields of knowledge like the physics of complex systems, biochemistry, organic chemistry, psychobiology, neurosciences, molecular biology, and ecology. He is the author of the books “L’ordine della complessità” (Jaca Book 2009)”, “Scienza: istruzioni per l’uso” (Rubbettino 2010) e co-autore de “Scienza della natura e stregoni di passaggio” (Jaca Book 2011).


GIORGIO MASIERO: gmasiero@infinito.it
With a Degree in Physics, after an experience as researcher and teacher Giorgio Masiero worked for private and public industrial, logistical, financial and editorial companies. As financial advisor for the government, in the ‘80s he was responsible for projects related to the privatization process of telecommunication sector, food and agricultural industry, chemical, iron and steel industry, as well as on the development of banking system. Since 2005 he is invited by Italian and international Universities to hold lectures and seminars focused on ICT and Biotechnology.


A biologist and a teacher of Natural Sciences with Degrees in Biological Sciences received on the year 1984 and in Farmacy on the 1989, both  from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, Enzo Pennetta is the author of the book “Inchiesta sul darwinismo: come si costruisce una teoria” (Cantagalli 2011).  He is the manager of the website Critica Scientifica.


A Surgeon specialized in internal medicine, Renzo Puccetti is a member of the Research Unit at the European Medical Association, representative for the Bioethics at the Promed Galileo, an interdisciplinary medical-scientific society, and a founding member of the association Scienza & Vita.


Psychologist and psychotherapist, expert in psycho diagnostic and Rorschach test, Maria Beatrice Toro received her Degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, where she works as psychotherapist, researcher and professor; she works also at the LUMSA University, at the European Centre for Criminology Studies (CEPIC) as well as several other postgraduate schools. Since 2008 she is Director of Studies at the Expert School for Cognitive and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (SCINT) in Rome; since 2010 is Scientific Coordinator and Medical Researcher at the Institute for Cognitive and Interpersonal Therapy (ITCI). A member of the editorial board of the Journal “Idee in Psicoterapia” (Alpes Edizioni) and scientific coordinator of the Journal “Modelli per la mente” (CIC edizioni), Maria Beatrice Toro collaborates with several research institutes on childhood related issues; is the author of several articles and books, as well as of several scientific essays published on Italian and international Journals. She runs the blog “mariabeatricetoro.wordpress.com”.


Degree in Law focused on bioethics, Aldo Vitale was awarded with the PhD in “Theory and History of Jurisprudence” at the University “Tor Vergata” in Rome.


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