New research: children need a mother and father

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An article appeared on the website of the McGill University Health Centre, one of Canada’s foremost health centres, reports the results of a scientific study conducted by its researchers saying that «even with today’s technology, it still takes both a male and a female to make a baby. But is it important for both parents to raise that child? Many studies have outlined the value of a mother, but few have clearly defined the importance of a father, until now».

The research, published on the journal Cerebral Cortex, shows that the absence of a father during critical growth periods leads to impaired social and behavioural abilities as adults. «Although we used mice, the findings are extremely relevant to humans» says psychiatrist Dr. Gabriella Gobbi. «The behavioural deficits we observed are consistent with human studies of children raised without a father. These children have been shown to have an increased risk for deviant behaviour and in particular, girls have been shown to be at risk for substance abuse».

These results, concludes the McGill University Health Centre paper, should incite researchers to look more deeply into the role of fathers during critical stages of growth and suggest that both parents are important in children’s mental health development.

Another blow then, for the supporters of same-sex adoptions or children’s well-being in mono-parental families. As far as same-sex relationships are concerned, a woman cannot take the role of a man and even less of a father. More research shows that differences between men and women (and therefore fathers and mothers) are not just cultural, but are grounded on biological and neurological causes. A man and a woman, independently of their feelings and desires of being something they are not, will always be defined by their biological identity. Other studies, collected in our dedicated dossier, show that a baby needs to grow within a balanced environment which is only guaranteed by the presence of both parents, as nature intended.

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  1. Fulton Sheen wrote

    Finally a website posting unbiased researches. Nice job!

  2. Fulton Sheen wrote

    Finally a website with unbiased researches! Nice job.

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